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L.A. Farms & how they are doing sustainable farming

With more and more people deciding to eat less meat due to health, farming practices and the state of the climate, it’s no surprise that many (including myself) have started looking for farms and butchers who believes in sustainable farming and adhere to strict breeding policies. I recently came across L.A. Farms in Cape Town […]


Crispy brunch bowl

Savoury, crunchy and slightly spicy, this loaded potato bowl was probably the highlight of my weekend. Perfect for breakfast or brunch, this bowl can be adapted to suit your taste (and whatever left-over veg you have in your fridge!).


Flourless Brownie Cookies

I’m going through a chocolate moment – which I am sure you can tell. Most days, my kitchen is filled with wafts of chocolate-scented air that makes me want nothing more than to just dream up some more decadent treats. This weeks recipe is in collaboration with De Villiers – a local chocolate house here […]


Flourless Keto Fudge Chocolate Cake

Not sure what to make for Mother’s Day yet? This keto fudge cake everything you could have dreamed of! It’s sugar-free, gluten-free and, of course, flourless! I highly recommend using the best quality chocolate you can find and if you are in SA, then De Villiers is my top choice!


Almond keto chocolate cake

About a month ago, I made 2 cakes for my husbands birthday. This Keto Cheesecake and this incredibly soft and chocolately almond keto cake! We had just been on keto for a week or so and I wanted him to have a chocolate cake without any of the guilt (or setting our hard work back!). […]


Spiced cinnamon sugar keto muffins

These Keto cinnamon sugar muffins are what Keto dreams are made of. Sweet (but not too sweet), a delicious texture that is not dry (let’s be real – lots of Keto desserts are dry) and utterly tasty, these muffins are going to be become your new favourite indulgence.


Spicy stuffed dates

With Ramadaan here, there is no better time to share one of my favourite ways to enjoy dates. While I always have them on hand all year round, I only really eat them a lot during Ramadaan. The recipe below has my favourite spices and when combined with the dates, they make for one utterly […]


Keto lemon yoghurt cheesecake

It was my husbands birthday this week and it marked our first celebration while on the Keto/Bantin diet. While I do feel a little bad that he had to have a sugar free/carb free dessert, he was quite happy about it and requested a cheesecake. Now, this is not like your normal cheesecake – even […]


Keto fat bombs

I recently started the Keto/banting diet due to some sudden health issues and while I am not yet certain if I will stay on this lifestyle, I sure am trying to make enough healthy and delicious snacks to keep me full throughout the day. I recently stumbled upon the magical goodness of fat bombs and […]

Dessert, Snacks

Creamy vegan snickers

Chocolate, peanut butter and yummy almond base? Say no more! These vegan snickers are the perfect prep-ahead treat to make and store in your freezer. They last for about 8 months and are bound to become your new favourite dessert.